Aaron’s Extravagant Diet

Have you ever felt that the food you’re eating just isn’t up to par with the crazy TV shows? Well, Aaron Rapport has had experience with meals that most normal people would never think of trying. Here’s a list of foods that Aaron has had the honor to enjoy.

  • Escargot
  • Foie Gras
  • Quadberger
  • Nuts (That were in elephant feces)
  • Turtle
  • Shark
  • Buffalo
  • LIVE fish
  • Cow Testicle
  • Squid ink
  • Raw cow’s heart

For those of you that were expecting a longer list, the foods below are up next on his pallet.

  • Corned beef burger (completed)
  • Jellyfish (Completed)
  • Giraffe
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Fungus (I like fungus)
  • Human??
  • Antifreeze???

Still not satisfied? Send us snacks for Aaron to eat during the next convention!