October 21, 2015


Our Constitution 

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Our Newspaper, The Berger Blitz 

Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Minutes For Chapter/Business Meetings 

Fall/Winter 2016-17 Election (Aaron Lee)

Our Past Boards & Awards

Spring/Summer 2016-2017

Godol: Jojo Attias

Jojo Attias

S’gan: Jacob Levine

Moreh: Aaron Lee

Shaliach: Joe Spero

Mazkir: Ronen Zomber

Gizborim: Mark Liner, Noah Turoff, Matthew Young

Sopher: Tom Shlomi

Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Godol: Elon Bortz

Elon Bortz

S’gan: Jojo Attias

Moreh: Joseph Spero

Shaliach: Gabe Cohen

Mazkir: Mark Liner

Gizbor: Aaron Lee

Sopherim: Jack Baron & Zach Shore

Spring/Summer 2016

Godol: Jack Spero

Jack Spero

S’gan: Elon Bortz

Moreh: Alexander Remer

Shaliach: Jojo Attias

Mazkir: Aaron Lee

Gizbor: Max Steiger

Sopherim: Zach Shore, Gabe Cohen, & Joseph Spero

Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Godol: Andrew Feldman

Andrew Feldman

S’gan: Gabriel Shapera

Moreh: Alex Remer

Shaliach: Gabe Cohen

Mazkir: Jack Spero

Gizbor: David Wittenberg

Sopherim: Jojo Attias

Awards Received For Spring/Summer 2015 & Fall/Winter 2015-2016:

Chapter of The Year 2015-2016

Community Service of The Year

S’gan Counterpart of The Year: Gabriel Shapera

Moreh Counterpart of The Year: Alex Remer

Mazkir Counterpart of The Year: Jack Spero

Gizbor Counterpart of The Year: David Wittenberg

Most Innovative Program: Big Lebowski Night

Best Overall Programming

Best AIT Session & Israel Education

Best Community Service: Montifiore Program

Largest Increase In Bank Account

Best Fundraiser: Pasta Dinner

Best Overall Communication

Best Use of Technology in Communication: Website

Best Scrapbook 



Spring/Summer 2015

David Wittenberg

David Wittenberg

Godol: David Wittenberg

S’gan: Jack Barron

Moreh: Jack Spero

Shaliach: Josh Caplan

Mazkir: Jared Shapiro

Gizbor: Gabe Cohen

Sopherim: Andrew Feldman & Nick Kotov



Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Jon Shapiro

Jon Shapiro

Godol: Jon Shapiro

S’gan: Andrew Feldman

Moreh: David Wittenberg

Shaliach: Gabe Shapera

Mazkir: Jack Barron

Gizbor: Kyle Scharf

Sopher: Elon Bortz



Spring/Summer 2014

Ian Newman

Ian Newman

Godol: Ian Newman

S’gan: Jon Shapiro

Moreh: Nick Kotov

Shaliach: Andrew Feldman

Mazkir: David Wittenberg

Gizbor: Kyle Scharf

Sopher: Gabe Shapera



Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Max Bleich & David Bohm

Max Bleich (Left) & David Bohm (Right)

Godol: David Bohm

S’gan: Max Bleich

Moreh: Grant Gravagna

Shaliach: Matt Kulkin

Mazkir: Gabe Cohen

Gizbor: David Wittenberg

Sopher: Jack Barron

*Memory: March 10, 2013 – “David Berger AZA #1823 Harlem Shake”



Spring/Summer 2013

Max Bleich & David Bohm

Max Bleich (Left) & David Bohm (Right)

Godol: David Bohm

S’gan: Max Bleich

Moreh: Matt Kulkin

Shaliach: Max Bleich

Mazkir: Grant Gravagna

Gizbor: Simon Cheistwer

Sopher: Jared Haymes



Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Ryan Kun

Ryan Kun

Godol: Ryan Kun

S’gan: Dylan Pollack

Moreh: Jake Finkinthal

Shaliach: Max Bleich

Mazkir: Matt Kulkin

Gizbor: David Bohm

Sopher: A Cat (again!)



Spring/Summer 2012

Dylan Pollack

Dylan Pollack

Godol: Dylan Pollack

S’gan: Jake Finkinthal

Moreh: Max Bleich

Shaliach: Ryan Kun



Sopher: A Cat (yes they elected a cat in Bohm’s yard!)


*If anyone knows more information, or would like to add any memories, pictures, etc, please contact our Mazkir or current board member! Thank you!