Blog Entry No. 1

Election Night:

It is 11:43 pm. Saturday, August 22 is the date to be exact. We just had elections. Andrew Feldman is the new Godol. Gabriel Shapera is the new Sagon, Gabe Cohen is Shaliach, I am mazkir, David Wittenberg is Gizbor and Jojo Attias is Sopher. Because of the weak turnout of elections, our Moreh job is currently spread among the board and the chapter members. I am so excited for this term and so pumped to get new teens to join, My brother, Joseph Spero, will be joining with his friends, and I’m confident our chapter will pull through and make it out of the shadows. When I joined, the chapter was booming, and with this newly elected board with this term, I know for a fact we are going to be booming again! Now it is 11:55 pm  and I am very tired. I hope I can stay awake for board training.

Current Aleph Moreh,

(Captain) Jack Spero