Open Letter’s: In Response To RC 2016

Friday, April 15th 2016:


I am very honored to announce Andrew Feldman as President, Gabriel Shapera as Vice President, and David Wittenberg as Treasurer of The Ohio Northern Region #23!

They are all fantastic leaders and it has been a honor to serve with them on chapter board this term. I know they will all do great things.

Tonight, Nissan 8, 5776, is Shabbat Hagadol (aka “the great Sabbath”), the Shabbat that precedes Passover. On this day, the Israelites were given their first commandment, which only applied to that Shabbat – to take their lambs and tie them to their bedposts. Their Egyptian neighbors witnessed these actions on the Sabbath, but did not protest because for them the lamb was a deity. This was one of the first miracles of Passover.

So for me, I will always remember this day, Shabbat Hagadol, because I got to witness three brothers of mine become officers of our amazing region.

Fraternally submitted with undying love for

family, friends, and the human family

I forever remain,

Aleph Jack Matthew Spero

Very proud Secretary of David Berger AZA #1823 F/W Term


Sunday, April, 17th 2016:


Hello guys. As Andrew said earlier, words cannot describe the amazing events that happened this weekend. Congratulations again to Andrew and David for both coordinating/steering RC and getting elected to Regional Board. Also Gabriel, for leading our chapter and getting elected!! I will always treasure this convention and I can’t wait to see what we will all achieve at RC 2017!!

Thank you David Bohm and Max Bleich for reaching out to us at Beachwood in the Fall of 2013 and giving us the opportunity to create so many memories, leadership experiences, and to carry on your legacy in the greatest chapter, David Berger AZA. You should feel very proud. You helped me see that it is a privilege to be Jewish and that our traditions should be preserved in positive ways. In addition to you two, Ryan Kun,Dylan Pollack, Josh Friedman, Matt Kulkin, – the list goes on and on – thank you.

Last year’s Regional Convention 2015 was my first RC. I believe it was also the first convention I went to in my Sophomore year. Although I drifted off from BBYO, I am so glad I came back to that convention. I remember seeing David and Max there, and I knew they were anticipating our chapter’s success to be recognized. Our chapter was doing well, but we needed to do a little more to grow our chapter if we wanted to live up to our chapter’s legacy and our name.

I am glad to say that Berger was finally recognized for the past and present years of its success. So thank you both alumnus, current members, and AITs for setting up David Berger AZA #1823 to achieve this award.

And, I second Andrew, that our success doesn’t stop here. Let’s show the region that time doesn’t limit David Berger AZA. Brother Alephs may come and go, but the strength and values of David Berger AZA will continue to thrive for generations.

Fraternally submitted with undying love for

David Berger AZA #1823, ONR #23, BBYO, Judaism, and School

I forever remain,

Aleph Jack Matthew Spero
יעקב מתתיהו ספירה aka