State of The Chapter 8/14/16



Written By: Aleph Jack Matthew Spero

Godol Summer 2016 Term


Hello my brothers of David Berger AZA #1823. It has been an absolute pleasure serving you all as Aleph Godol.


From representing our chapter, our values, and our brothers, to talking to Dave and Aaron our advisors, to communicating to the board through our Facebook group chat, to calling members, to texting David Wittenberg, to communicating with prospectives, to texting Elon and Aaron Lee almost everyday about communications, calendaring, and programming – I enjoyed all of it.


As a quiet 9th grader who randomly showed up to Halloween Night in November of 2013 wearing a pirate outfit, I never thought I was going to be Aleph Godol. Even the Summer before my Junior year of High School – I never seriously thought I was capable to be the President of this amazing organization. That goes to show that you all are going to grow and develop and bring positive leadership into the chapter. I also want to stress, that even if you are not on board, you are still a leader in our chapter, and you have the ability to: write articles for the Berger Blitz, plan programs, host programs, bring food to programs, make member and prospective calls, and voice your ideas- the list goes on and on.


Overall, David Berger’s Summer 2016 went pretty well. Our chapter used the momentum we gained from winning Chapter of The Year last term as well as from the excellent work of the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 executive board and leaders. Our chapter was able to program almost every two weeks and get programs on Dashboard and Facebook three weeks in advance! Elon and I also made our own program evaluations and completed them. The website calendar was updated as the term went on and our spiritwear page is now an archive for all of our chapter’s spiritwear known since the early 2000’s. Go check it out! It is We started a “GroupMe” chat and this made it much easier to make sure everyone has a ride to programs. Our reputation as a chapter in the Ohio Northern Region is at it’s highest ever; throughout the term, many people from other chapters came up to me and told me how they admire our brotherhood and programming, especially the BBG’s.


To summarize our programming, we had an Executive Board Meeting, The Berger Olympics, Corky & Lenny’s Dinner & Karaoke Night, Mourning In The Jewish Faith Program, Ice Skating With Berger, Senior Lives/Chapter Meeting, Dinner At Mongolian, and The Berger RUSH BBQ & Raffle, which was last night. All were amazing programs with modest attendance. I want to point out that at our fundraiser last night we made about $53 after paying off the dinner and raffle supplies. About 17 members were in attendance, and I am very happy we had 3 prospectives last night- let’s get them into our chapter!


Looking into the future, it is very bright. I need to wear sunglasses because it is very bright. On a more serious note, I believe we can grow our chapter, but not only in membership. We have quality programming, but we need to learn how to program with more people in our chapter; I believe we can do it. Our brotherhood is strong, our values are strong, and our traditions are strong too. With the momentum we have now, we can accomplish anything, there is no limit to our success. We can win Chapter of Year the next RC if we give it all we got.


If I have to say one extra thing that I want the chapter to keep doing, it is keep the website updated. I want to be able to go back and look at the archives and see all the wonderful accomplishments of our chapter throughout the years. I believe this can be done.


Always remember that I am always here to help you guys. I may not have a board position in a few minutes but I still want to be active and help the chapter grow to its full capacity.


To our new Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Executive Board of David Berger AZA #1823: Elon Bortz, Jojo Attias, Joe Spero, Gabe Cohen, Mark Liner, Aaron Lee, Zach Shore, and Jack Barron. I wish you all the best and I believe that each and every one of you will do great things for the blessed organization.


Thank you Elon for constantly communicating with me throughout the term. Alex, thank you for organizing prospective calling and sharing it with the whole board to divide and conquer. Jojo, thank you for helping plan our community service activities at programs. Aaron Lee, our Mazkir, thank you for sending Remind texts weekly, updated our social media, and started our “GroupMe” group chat. Max, thank you for collecting money at programs and help work our raffle. Joseph, Zach, and Gabe, thank you for writing a newspaper – our chapter hasn’t seen one in awhile.


With that I hereby end The State of David Berger AZA #1823.


Fraternally submitted,


And with undying love for


David Berger AZA #1823, of The Ohio Northern Region #23, of The Grand Order of The Aleph Zadek Aleph #1 for Hashem, I forever remain,


Aleph Jack Matthew Spero

Very proud Aleph Godol for the Summer 2016 Term